27 Nov 2013

Health "progress"

Got told today that my swallow response is not progressing and it is possible I may NEVER be able to eat normally. I have been given a series of exercises aimed at helping to correctly position the larynx.Only lots of time will tell.

My return home full time is likely to be in the new year after more therapy on my walking and writing.All the hard word on speech would be at home.


Unknown said...

Hi Roger, Seeing a post from you is always great and although the news within may not be what we want to hear its still lovely to see you posting. I am sure you will give everything 100pct like you usually do and I hope progress speeds up for you. Hope to see you experimenting again soon.

Best wishes to you and your family.

De Andy

John J said...

Delighted to see that you've managed to post on your blog - and that discharge to your home is on the horizon.

Best wishes,

G4WQD / GQRP2725

Unknown said...

You keep healing and hopefully you can get back to your fun projects :-)

Take care,

MarkD said...

Great to see a new post Roger. Having had similar events inside my family let me say you seem to be making great progress even if it may not seem so to you. I know it can all be very frustrating and slow to you.
One thing I have learned is that personal determination and effort is a very important factor in recovery.

Good luck and 73's

Mark VK6WV

G1KQH said...

This is very encouraging news.

Best wishes to you and your family.

73 Steve


VE9KK said...

Thanks Roger for the update, I hope your discharge to home happens as soon a it can. As one heals better at home.

Anonymous said...

Roger, try not to let anything get you too down. My partner fell off her mountain bike and dislocated her shoulder, so far not so bad. roll on the a and e, burning sensation in the arm in the 4th attempt at reloaction. result, damaged brachial plexus - no sensation/movement in the whole arm. with time and a lot of hard work imagining things, movement has returned to all but thumb oposition (had a tendon transfer to help) we still decided to have a nipper, and dispite initial concerns all is well. the brain is a very plastic thing and can re-learn stuff quite well. some BPi people ahve a nerve transfered from the pectoral muscle to work the biceps and the brain has to re-learn that. hope you get home for xmas. take care

Unknown said...

Hi Roger. Good to see a post from you. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can get home soon. I know how boring it is being stuck in hospital.

73 de Julian, G4ILO

G4DDK said...

Nice to read your blog, Roger. Keep getting better. Don't let it get you down.
Sam, G4DDK