25 May 2012

481THz transceiver ready for QSOs

The electronics of the 481THz AM transceiver
My first complete optical speech transceiver has been finished and is ready for a line-of-sight test over a few kms. The pictures show the assembly of both the electronics and the optics. All the TX and RX electronics are built "dead bug" style on a piece of copper laminate and housed in a small metal box. There are holes for the BPW34 detector diode and the high brightness LED that line up with the focal point of each 100mm optics tube.
The optics showing the 2-tube construction with sighting scope
A quick "in strong daylight" test down the road over 0.3km was successful one way: my wife could see my TX beam strongly and I could detect my CW beacon OK, so I am hopeful that a proper 2-way amateur QSO with this kit should now be possible. Sensitivity at night is very considerably better.

G4HJW is set up to do a 2-way test, so this is now likely to be attempted in the next few days. if successful I will then try to make a better, more permanent, version.

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