22 Jan 2017

JT9-1 on 472kHz

For a change, I am trying JT9-1 on 472kHz. I have been active for about 10 minutes so far.

At the moment I am beaconing, although I tried a few CQ calls earlier. Someone was just ending a QSO with someone called Gerd but he did not send his call, so I have no idea who this was.

If you should spot me please send to PSK Reporter Maps.

UPDATE 2038z: No JT spots on 472kHz so far. There seem to be fewer stations on the band using JT modes than WSPR.

UPDATE 2240z: Still no JT spots on 472kHz. I shall remain JT9-1 beaconing overnight in the hope that someone will spot me and upload to PSK Reporter Maps.

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