23 Jan 2017

472kHz (630m) JT9-1 overnight

Well, I stayed on this band and mode overnight but not a single spot! On the waterfall I saw several WSPR signals. I will check settings again, but it looks like WSPR is the better mode for me on this band. Maybe my low ERP and just being buried in the noise on JT9-1 is working against me, whereas with WSPR I am just detected. WSPR on 472kHz tonight!

UPDATE 1040z: All the settings were OK. I think there are fewer stations on this mode on this band, and I need to get my ERP up so my signal is not buried in the crud.

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G6AVK_QRPp said...

Hi Roger,

FYI I spotted you once running JT9-1 @ -28 last night early evening but for some reason the spot never made it to PSKReporter. This also happens a lot with Opera reporting to PSKr.

73 Colin - G6AVK