23 Oct 2016

10m JT65

This morning I went straight to 10m JT65. I switched on about 20 minutes ago, which is later than usual. As normal. I checked the PC was synced to internet time. Before I set things going I could hear a couple of stations.

UPDATE 1012z: Several stations in Russia, Finland and South Africa spotted and my own QRP 10m JT65 spotted by several Russians. F2 I assume. At the moment, things look quite promising on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1130z:  My 2W 10m JT65 was spotted by VK6KXW (14542km) in Western  Australia and ZS6ZP (9121km) in South Africa as well as widely ion Europe. 10m JT65 is good today.

Learning CW

It is some time since I tried CW - I use JT65 and WSPR mainly because of my health - but this can be a very effective mode with simple gear. Learning CW can be hard for some. An on-line resource that may help is http://lcwo.net/en/cwsettings .

Sunspots and 10m - Sunday October 23rd 2016

Solar flux is 76 today. Sunspot number is 27.  K=3 .

22 Oct 2016


At 1930z I decided to close the 10m JT65 station. It looks like no DX today, sadly. Maybe better luck tomorrow? Today has been the worst day on 10m here in ages.

After we die - NOT amateur radio

Perhaps this is something that comes with old(er) age? If I am lucky I might have another 20 years, or I could die tomorrow. The only thing certain in life is that we all die, some far too soon.  The great religions of the world all speak of some kind of life after death.  The truth is we just do not know.  Some with great faith believe they have the answers. I prefer to accept my doubts.

I do not remember anything before I was born, so eternal "nothingness" is possible. I guess all humans hate to think in terms of finality. The best ones are those who can accept life as a gift and to live their lives fully. Some argue that without a life after death we have no real moral compass.

In the end I am agnostic - what will be will be. All the major religions seem to strive to understand the ultimate question. One day we will all know the answer.

Illegal parking - NOT amateur radio

On Thursday this week I went to my usual University of the 3rd Age course in Cambridge on the Anglo-Saxons. The Park and Ride car park had been illegally occupied by travellers for the second time this year. They are being evicted. They we completely blocking the disabled parking spots.

6m JT65 and 10m WSPR QRP

Today, I started up on 10m WSPR (500mW) and 6m JT65 (2W). Later in the day I shall probably swap to just 10m JT65. So far, G0LRD (25km) spotting me on 6m and nothing on 10m.

UPDATE 1110z: G4KPX (14km) has spotted me lots of times on 10m WSPR and G0LRD (25km) on 6m JT65, but no other spots as yet on either band.

UPDATE 1750z:  No spots given or received on 10m JT65 this afternoon or this evening.  I have been on 10m JT65 since early afternoon. I think this was a bad day on 10m rather than my end.

UPDATE 1916z:  Still no spots on 10m JT65 this afternoon and evening. Conditions did not look that bad, so I am a bit surprised.  I resynced to internet time a few hours ago.

Sunspots and 10m - Saturday October 22nd 2016

Solar flux is 77 today and the sunspot number is 29. K=1.

21 Oct 2016

A poor 10m day - but still 4 continents spotted

Despite this not being a good day, 4 continents were spotted today on 10m JT65 (Europe, Africa, Asia and South America). We have grandchildren staying, so operating and blogging may be compromised until Wednesday -  and quite rightly as they are only little once.

432MHz (70cm) UKAC results published

At the moment I have climbed to 119th out of 168 in the AL section of this contest. As I am just using 5W to a  2m halo fed with lossy coax, and I am only active for 30-60 minutes (the contest runs for 150 minutes) because of my poor voice, I am quite pleased.

See http://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/vhfresults.pl?Contest=432MHz%20UKAC&year=2016 .