1 Jul 2016

UEFA 2016 and Wales - NOT amateur radio

Although not a great football fan, I watched Wales beat Belgium 3:1 to reach the semi-finals. Unlike England (who were beaten by outsiders Iceland), Wales played well. By contrast England were hopeless! Well done Wales - you deserved to win.

Anglesey Abbey - NOT amateur radio

Young rabbit
One of our favourite places is Anglesey Abbey, which is about 4 miles from our home. In every month there is something of interest.
Damsel Fly

10m WSPR

My 500mW 10m WSPR beacon has been on all day. Although it has been widely spotted in Europe again today I have not been spotted further afield. I was hoping that I would be spotted across the Atlantic on 10m WSPR.

ONLY 23 spots of my signal today on 6m JT65

If this was 6m WSPR, rather than JT65, I might have been spotted a few times! With 1W ERP of JT65 on 6m even on a quiet day I've already been spotted 23 times. 6m JT65 really does work well. I am very impressed, but still waiting for transatlantic Es DX on 6m.

Somme 1916 - NOT amateur radio

It is 100 years ago today that the Battle of the Somme started with a huge loss of life. The whole of WW1 was a slaughter of innocents. It should never have happened.

If we learn anything, it is that wars like this one are futile and it is usually the innocents that are killed or injured. We should do all in our power to ensure such futility never occurs again.

I am not a Quaker but I have great sympathy with their policy on non-violence.

More UK Rallies

New Venue The Rose Centre (Lowton Civic Hall), Hesketh Meadow Lane, Lowton, Warrington WA3 2AH The venue has easy access from all directions; M6, M61, M60, A580. There is free car parking and the spacious halls are at ground level with disabled facilities. Doors are open from 11am to 3pm and admission is £2 with under 14s free. There will be trade stands, clubs stands and special interest groups as well as an RSGB bookstall. There will be a Bring & Buy. A licensed bar and refreshments are available on site.
Contact Les Jackson, G4HZJ, on 01942 870 634 or by email to g4hzj@ntlworld.com

Barford Village Hall & Green, Barford, Norwich, NR9 4AB Opens 0900 (traders from 0800) with Talk in on S22 and featuring trade stands, car boot sales, bring and buy, raffle, repeater groups, catering and free car parking. Entry £2.00 per person / under 16's free. Pitches £8, indoor tables £10 Contact radio@dcpmicro.com : www.norfolkamateurradio.org

A list of rallies can be found at http://rsgb.org/main/news/rallies/

Weather in the UK - NOT amateur radio

We are now in July and certainly here in East Anglia we have had one of the worst summers I can remember so far.  We have had just a few continuous days of sun. Most of the time it has been a mixture of rain, cloud and some sun. In the west of the UK it has been better, but we have had a real absence of high pressure over us with long settled, warm, sunny, weather.

10m and 6m

Yet again, both bands have Es propagation to liven things up. I continue to WSPR on 10m (500mW 100% TX) and JT65 on 6m (1W ERP). Since moving to JT65 on 6m, I have been amazed by the number of reports.

Sunspots and 10m - Fri July 1st 2015

Solar flux is 73 today. Sunspot number is zero again (K=3). Yet again the 10m F2 propagation forecast is "poor".

30 Jun 2016

BREXIT - NOT amateur radio

It is now a week since the UK voted to leave the EU. Although the pound has fallen the stock markets seem to have taken things OK. The UK seems to be on a self destruct route at the moment with the Labour party in civil war and the Conservatives thrown into confusion by Boris not standing for PM. It will be some time before the fog clears and we chart a new path.