10 Dec 2023

630m WSPR overnight

 11 stations spotted my low ERP signal with the furthermost SM6BOC (1054km).

Yet more Googledgook - NOT amateur radio

 Yesterday, I got another email from Google that I could not understand. It was titled:

"Allow for contextual programmic demand when serving Ads"


Plain English? No, Googledgook.

Shetland (again) - NOT amateur radio

This was posted on 365project a few days ago by someone who lives in the Shetland Islands It is a great photo.

Mid-winter Es

Do not ask me why as I do not know the answer, but there is often a small Es peak at the end of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This can bring brief openings up to about 1500km.  Look out for Es at the end of December and the start of January. Compared with the spring and summer, this is minor.

Sunspots - Sunday December 10th 2023

 Solar flux is 128 and the SSN 125. A=3 and K=1.

9 Dec 2023

630m QRP WSPR (Saturday)

My 10mW ERP WSPR was turned on at 1544z. So far, 2 stations have spotted me.

UPDATE 2104z: 
7 stations have spotted me this evening with the furthermost EI0CF (602km).

Israel and Hamas - NOT amateur radio

My friends are of all faiths and none. 

Whilst I have every sympathy with Israel over the senseless events by Hamas on October 7th, I think their revenge on the people of Gaza is over the top.  We can understand that Israel wants to feel safe, but in their hunt for Hamas fighters they are inflicting great pain on the people of Gaza.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Israel wants to get rid of all Arabs in the land they believe is theirs. 

In my view, a radical review of the Middle East is needed based on dialogue and not war. There is a great danger of much hatred being created, which could backfire on Israel. What have the innocent children in the photo done?

The world is losing patience.

See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-67670679 .

8m QRP FT8 (Saturday)

My 2.5W to the low dipole on 8m FT8 was turned on at 1110z. So far, no spots. My local reporter G4WSZ (12km) is in Germany, so local spots.

UPDATE 1715z:  No spots of me today, but I did spot ZS6WAB (8931km) in South Africa on 8m FT8 RX.

500uW 10m WSPR TX (Saturday)

My 500uW (0.5mW) 10m WSPR has been received again in the Canary Is by EA8/DF4UE (2876km) on two occasions today.

UPDATE 2146z: So far, I have been spotted in 3 countries (3 continents) when running just 500uW (0.5mW) on 10m WSPR with the furthermost being the USA. I just leave my beacon running with the PA off when I am around.

481 THz RX


This is me resurrecting some 481 THz optical gear.