9 Jan 2016

Back on MF

As I don't have to be in the shack for WSPR (I can monitor in the lounge, or even in bed!) I have returned to 472kHz (630m) WSPR.  It takes a few seconds to pop in the shack if anything is amiss.  I am able to use a different PC in the lounge and my iPod Touch in bed.

UPDATE 1846z:  Nice no see I was spotted by a new reporter this evening M0TAZ (79km). DK7FC (669km) has been spotted as usual.


Mary A Smyth said...

Happy new year.
Trying to receive you on MF. Had new PC issues. Fingers crossed I
can detect your Earth Mode Antenna

Finbar EI0CF

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Finbar. I have just gone RX only a few minutes ago with an external preamp, but will be TXing again tomorrow night. I think the earth-electrode is not as good at this QTH compared with at the old QTH. I need a better LF/MF antenna!