9 Jan 2016

JT9-1 20m QSO

Photo thanks to Bas.
I had my first JT9-1 QSO of the year on 20m a little while ago working SM3HHI (1376km) with 2.5W from the FT817 and using the new baby shack PC running WSJT-X V1.6. It looks like this should be a good mode with my poor voice.  With this software it is very straightforward. QSOs take about 6 minutes to call CQ, exchange grids and reports and the confirmations.

UPDATE 1202z:  As interesting as the QSO, I see from PSK reporter that I was being received all over Europe.

UPDATE 1638z:  We have had visitors all afternoon, so I have not been TXing.  A couple of stations were lost (OK and RA9) on 20m JT9-1 just after lunch. These stations replied to my CQ but were lost before the QSOs could be finished.

UPDATE 1646z:  I left the 20m JT9-1 running on RX all afternoon. I see that I spotted N2LD (5645km) and OD5PY (3466km).

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