8 Nov 2015

Stroke - NOT amateur radio

It is just over 2 years ago that I had my stroke. By now I was expecting to be back to normal, but I still have problems. The main issues are poor liquid drinking - I have to take small sips, I have a poor voice and I tire easily. 20-30 minutes of physical or mental activity and I am really done in. A short rest and I am OK again.

One unexpected impact is spelling: sometimes I find it hard to know if a word is spelt correctly, so I change the word to one I am more sure of. Another one is my short-term memory. My wife swears blind I told her something and I have no recollection of having done so! I am also unsure if I read something or it was something in a dream.

Overall, I am lucky but this stroke is still having a profound impact on my life and that of people close to me. I have changed and only time will tell what changes will always be there and which will eventually get better.


G1KQH said...

My wife says I tell her things all the time I cannot remember, thing is I have this nack of not listening?

Your here still doing it all that is great isn't it?

73 Steve

Anonymous said...

Hi, I had a stroke 4 years ago.
Bad cognitive effects gone in about 4 months.
But walking is still difficult but improves.
I believe fatigue is due to brain recovery. It's a long process.

73s Alain

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Alain and Steve. I know this is going to take time.