8 Nov 2015

Daytime on 472kHz (630m)

M0LMH (223km) is spotting my 5mW ERP WSPR even now in broad daylight in IO93 square. I assume this is ground wave. Signal reports are "only just" at around -28 to -30dB S/N.  Earlier G3XIZ (46km) was a very good signal with me on RX without a preamp. I think the preamp may help with weaker signals, but I am able to copy most of the active stations without it in circuit.

UPDATE 1534z: PA0A (417km) is being copied well here on 472kHz WSPR.

UPDATE 1920z: It is dark here.  EA5DOM (1525km) has already been spotted here a few times without the preamp.The antenna is still the earth-electrodes in the ground.

UPDATE 2120z:   The first spot this autumn of an Italian 472kHz WSPR  station this evening. I shall leave the 472kHz WSPR station running through the night.
Unique 472kHz WSPR stations received here this evening so far.

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