8 Nov 2015

More Pixie transceiver price madness

From Steve G1KQH:

"Continuation of the Pixie price saga, the more you buy the cheaper they are, £1.94p each if you buy 10

Its just impossible to even think how they do it:


PA2RF said...

Hi Roger,
How about this 40m CW transceiver for less than 4 euro:



Anonymous said...

I built up a cheap Pixie kit, and, yes, it sort of works but the poor Rx makes it very difficult for real QSOs. (The Tx in these kits puts out 2W at 12V, which is great).
Broadcast AM breakthrough, Humm, taming the LM386 (what a truly horrible IC this is!) spoil the rx.

The slighly more expensive Forty-9er Kit (6.82 pounds, ebay) at least has a half-decent mixer and AF, and (in my humble opinion) is much better.
An even better qrp tranciever kit was SW40+ (was 50 dollars). I use mine nearly daily! but unfortunately is no longer sold. Hugh G6AIG

G1KQH said...

What do you really want for a couple of quid, its just basic conversion..

Many have built the Pixie not just from kits but also the basic RV3GM Micro-80 scratch design that has been rehashed in many different variants..

73 Steve

mike said...

A bit of fun and enjoyment in radio is making your own gear-however humble. One can buy stuff costing thousands and get on the air. If I can spend 2 or 3 quid, make my own stuff and get on air, that will do me. Good luck to the wealthy-I hope they earned it.