17 Nov 2015

QSYed to 472kHz WSPR (TX and RX)

472kHz station. Transverter is box with yellow LED on top shelf.
Both my 6m and 10m WSPR stations have been closed down for the evening and night and I am active again on 630m (472kHz) both TX (5mW ERP) 20% and RX 80% without the preamp. Note the strong trace on the PC from DK7FC (669km) at -16dB S/N at 1920z shortly after turning things on.  Still using my earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground. I match my transverter to the earth-electrodes with a 42mm diameter step-up 3C90 toroid. This is located to the RHS of the transverter. Also visible is the current meter from which ERP is calculated. At the old QTH this matching transformer was not needed. Here, at the bungalow, the soil/rocks must be different. The earth-electrode spacing is also quite a bit less here. Who said 472kHz has to be complicated? Mine is a simple station, including the "antenna" which isn't!

UPDATE 2200z: The  best DX reports of my 5mW ERP are from Holland PA3ABK and PA7EY (both 306km). On receive the best DX is (again) EA5DOM (1525km).

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