17 Nov 2015

Blog visits - NOT amateur radio.

It puzzles me who visits my various blogs. Already today, the number of people visiting this blog is more than for the whole day a few days ago. I try to include items that appeal to others, although I confess it is as much a diary for me: it records what I have done and the things that matter to me.

Anyway, thank you for visiting and reading this and my other blogs. If you find any postings not to your liking you have some choices. One is to not read similar posts in future or you can tell me! I cannot please everyone but I hope, on the whole, you approve of the things posted.

For the record, my other blogs are:

East Anglian Churches - usually updated every few weeks. East Anglian churches we have visited.
Miscellaneous Musings - updated several times a week. Miscellaneous thoughts.


mike said...

Hello Roger. I read your blog everyday, morning and afternoon. I find it interesting and I do not always comment. I have built loads of your projects, some have been successful and some have not. Most failures through my clumsiness. But I love to experiment.

Keep it going Roger.

Best regards

Mike 2E0YJY

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Mike.