17 Nov 2015

More on 5MHz

This is on the RSGB's WRC-15 pages:

"Progress is slow but steady…

5MHz: The 5 MHz item has cleared another hurdle and hopefully it will be tabled at a Plenary meeting scheduled for Wednesday, when it will receive two readings. The approval of the last reading is a key milestone, subject of course to the final signing and national administration processes.
50MHz: The revised future agenda proposal for 50-54 MHz has been resubmitted and may be considered at a meeting of Working Group 6B during Tuesday afternoon.
47GHz: It seems that the Primary amateur and amateur satellite service band at 47-47.2 GHz is strongly being considered as a candidate band for IMT (5G) for the next WRC study period, although opinions differ over the definition of ‘candidate’. We are closely following this development.
Small Satellites: Meanwhile the focus has now shifted to the subject of identifying Space Operations Service spectrum below 1 GHz for small satellites in Non Geo-Stationary Orbit (NGSO). Needless to say this is generating a considerable amount of discussion, especially where frequencies around 144 MHz and 430 MHz are concerned.

Colin, HB9/G3PSM

NB: Further background and updates are at rsgb.org/wrc-15 and in our news"

A 15kHz wide allocation across the world! Well, I suppose it is a start assuming it is finally approved. It is great pity this is not a 200kHz wide band. 15kHz is very very small. Let us hope that in CEPT countries, at least, they let us use more contiguously. Some countries have already allowed wider contiguous secondary amateur allocations.

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