27 Sep 2015

New blog from Denmark

Jan OZ9QV is back in Denmark and has started a new blog. In the past I have worked with Danes and I much like them. In many ways they are similar to English people, although I guess this is because, going back over 1000 years, we share the same genes!

I remember visiting AP Radio in Copenhagen many years ago and liking that at 3.30pm on a Friday they went to the lab fridge and got out the beers!  The Danish sense of humour is quite similar to that in the UK. I like the Danish people.  Denmark seems a nation at peace with itself.

See http://oz9qv.blogspot.com/  .

1 comment:

Jan, OZ9QV said...

Ohhh ! - now I need to make some activity there. ;)

Thanks for the plug, Roger.