27 Sep 2015

QRP Operation

There is a Wikipedia entry about QRP I see (that is where you will find this image). QRP appeals to a lot of people, although when times are hard more power can reach further. On modes like WSPR QRP powers are usually fine.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QRP_operation .


Jan, OZ9QV said...

I know.

Today I had SV9 on 15 with 3W, the 10m F2 QSOs yesterday were marginal with about 100W.

Nice to see a wiki entry on QRP.

BTW, Roger, I started using my OZ9QV blog, so hopefully there will be a post there from time to time : http://oz9qv.blogspot.com/
Hope to see you there ...

Roger G3XBM said...

Will take a look Jan. All the best with QRP and the blog.

Jan, OZ9QV said...

Not so much there yet, but it will come. There is also an older blog I have used for a while, and which may be active from time to time, regarding monitoring of radio astronomy/satellites/QRSS :
Yes I have also been PA9QV for quite a while.

Roger G3XBM said...

Wondering if you worked for Philips Jan? I visited AP Radio in Copenhagen a few times in my working days (Pye, PRCS, Philips, Simoco, Sepura). Good people. I much like the Danes. Then I guess we share common ancestors over 1000 years ago!

Jan, OZ9QV said...

I was working for Philips in Copenhagen a few decades ago, but my work in NL was in patents.
Yes, I guess we do share some common ancestry from about 1000 years ago. I have visited (mostly) England a few times, and I like you Brits ;) I guess the humour is not too far apart, either. If I decide to travel more in the UK we might make an arrangement to meet face to face. That is always fun to do.

In any case, be seeing you !