27 Sep 2015

Brazil again on 10m WSPR

KD0VWO (7412km) monitoring in Brazil has spotted my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon again. No signs yet of spots from North America today. Maybe later? Yesterday I was sure I'd be spotted in North America as conditions were better than the day before, but I was wrong. 10m can be fickle.


Jan, OZ9QV said...

I heard PY2XC several times this afternoon/evening, and the band was open for *hours*, confirming your report of Brazil. There was at RTTY contest, and there were strong signals aplenty with QSB present, so not just locals. Now I need to set up the possibility to work digi-modes - will probably end up running a Raspberry Pi with a cheap sound card and the FLDigi program. It was annoying to hear stations and not be able to decode.

OK, I know, it was contest, so the stations heard were "big guns", but it clearly shows the band was open several hours today, just no activity on CW.

Roger G3XBM said...

I am sure low activity works against WSPR on 10m. This is definitely a real issue on 6m, where the band opens to real DX but you would never know this by monitoring WSPR. I am sure that low activity levels on WSPR is "a bad thing". If people stuck with WSPR on 10m and 6m we'd find openings we never thought were possible. On both 10m and 6m activity on WSPR is way down on last year. I suspect that next year the activity levels will be even lower. This is a real pity.