12 Jan 2015

MF instead of 6m WSPR

This morning, I have decided to give 6m WSPR a miss: for several days I have been trying but with very limited success at this time of the year. Instead, I am using the FT817, transverter and earth electrode "antenna" with around 5mW ERP (probably less) with success on 472kHz WSPR. G7NKS (46km) has copied me well on several occasions already. As yet, no other spots given or received on MF this morning so far.

I am also active (500mW) on 10m TX only.

UPDATE 1125z:  12 spots so far of my 5mW ERP and all from G7NKS (46km).

UPDATE 1345z:  27 spots by G7NKS (46km) so far today. Almost all his spots are within +/-1dB of -15dB S/N.

UPDATE 1633z:   Now 44 spots on 472kHz from G7NKS today so far, but no-one else spotted or spotting me, as yet.

UPDATE 1757z:  Now 52 spots of me by G7NKS.  Still no-one else.

UPDATE 1846z:   G3YXM (148km) was the first MF station to be received here this evening at -9dB S/N, i.e. strong.
Recent 472kHz WSPR results on TX and RX this evening

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