12 Jan 2015

ARRL membership renewal - no thanks

Living in the UK, last year I joined the ARRL so I could access the digital edition of QST. I shall not be renewing. Why? Well, the ads are the same, more or less, as those in RadCom and Practical Wireless and there are better articles in SPRAT. Most of all it took over a week to sort my access out when I mislaid my password. The online help was, for me, useless. No, I am happy to let others join their national amateur radio society but I shall not be renewing my ARRL membership. I remain an RSGB member and GQRP Club member.

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Anonymous said...

If I could read German the funkamateur magazine looks excellent radcom has had some very poor articles recently and PW lots of reviews of Chinese handhelds both seem to lack sparkle and lots of articles very similar to old ones just recycled