18 Jun 2014

10m WSPRing again

In view of the poor level of DX activity on 6m WSPR, I have started today on 10m. Near immediate success with 3 spots of OE6PWD (1230km) around 0900z. This is clearly Es. Looking at my spots, I think I caught the tail end of an Es opening (reports are getting worse over time).

Sunspot count today is 87 and 20-30MHz conditions are "normal", so we may see some long distance F2-layer propagation on 10m. May try 6m later, if some DX stations (esp. USA and Canada) are active. Otherwise I'll stay on 10m.

FR1GZ (9724km) was spotted at 0922z for the first signs of F2 propagation. The band is clearly open N-S for real DX.

UPDATE 1411z:  FR1GZ has spotted me a couple of times and he has been a consistent F2-layer signal all day with around 13 spots in the log today.  OH6GKW (1839km) is now being spotted on Es.


Anonymous said...

wspr is my favourite mode. Range, Power, Callsign and Location. nice and simple!
But you can tell from the maps can't you, there's not many on.
Especially 10 and 6m


Anonymous said...

The main drawback of WSPR as I see it is that you can't work anyone....have a valid two-way QSO. It's just a beacon / prop indicator mode.

Steve / VE7SL