17 Jun 2014

6m - all quiet here at 2015z

It is now 2015z and 6m WSPR has only been good for locals and GDX  here today.

I hear 6m was open to South and Central America earlier (but this was NOT the case on WSPR - no stations active!) and there have been transatlantic openings on SSB/CW. In the past (summer 2007) I have worked the USA on 6m real QRP CW, but I'd really like to spot, or be spotted by, USA or Canadians on 6m WSPR this season. As mentioned before, power is unlikely to be the issue. The main issue will be active WSPR stations in the USA and Canada.


John J said...

160m & 80m have been very quiet over the last couple of evenings - perhaps everyone is watching the football.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, 6m has been open. Look for stations especially in the evening about 19-20 UTC. May be you have to install WSJT-X for a change and monitor JT65/JT9 instead!

See my transatlantic QRP contact with the V2000 clone and our beloved FT-817ND:


73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Congratulations on that excellent QSO Bas. Yes, I think by sticking to WSPR I am missing some good stuff!