18 Jun 2014

New Chinese multi-mode HF rig - Xiegu X108

Steve, G1KQH has sent this link about a new Chinese multi-mode transceiver.  See http://www.brickolore.com/ . Prices start at 2800 Yuan apparently. It is called the Xiegu X108. There is a video and some pictures of the rig.

To my mind, this still looks like  a "back shed" radio, rather than a mature, well engineered and  thoroughly well tested radio. I may be wrong. I am still waiting to see when the Chinese launch a proper Yaesu or Icom competitor. These will come but I've not seen one yet. Maybe in the next 12 months?


Anonymous said...

It's not back shed compared to my stuff!lol


Brick O'Lore said...

Thanks for the link!