27 May 2014

QSY to 10m WSPR

In the end I QSYed to 10m WSPR at 1424z and was rewarded immediately by Es WSPR spots from EA6URL in the Balearic Is (1439km). Several spots given and received from the Spanish area in the next 60 minutes. I'll stick on 10m for the rest of the day now to see if more distant stations (outside Europe) appear.

UPDATE 1700z:   So far, only European Es on 10m today. I shall keep looking, but chances of South America or further, are now reducing.

UPDATE 1745z:  Still just EU Es on 10m WSPR. Mainly, but not totally, in direction of Spain.

UPDATE 1830z:  Sometime between 1736z and a few minutes ago my WSPR program just stopped working. I have reset the internet clock and restarted the WSPR software. No idea what I have missed, but my Win 8.1 PC wants to do this from time to time, for no apparent reason. It also lost 10m settings. It is working now and I am still being spotted by EA6URL. Still no real DX.

UPDATE 1915z:    Still just EU Es on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 2000z:  It was worth the wait: CX2ABP (11127km) in Montevideo spotted my 2W WSPR at 1946z.  Real DX at last. Signal report was weak at -31dB S/N and I wonder if it was Es (to Spain) + F2 layer for the rest of the path? I wonder if there will be other South Americans later? There seems to be a distinct lack of South American stations on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 2145z:   No more Es since 2004z. Going QRT shortly.

UPDATE 2215z:   QRT.

Unique 10m WSPR spots today (to 1840z)

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