28 May 2014

6m Es: good today

WSPRing on 6m got off to a good start with a three spots of SQ9SIM (1325km) around 1012z. G4IKZ is also spotting me well as usual over our 18km local path.

Sunspot count is 96 with "normal" 20-30MHz conditions. I shall probably stick on 6m , looking mainly for Es and GDX, but may go back to 10m if 6m is very very quiet. This week I have been spotted twice in South America (Brazil and Uruguay) on 10m WSPR with 2W.

So far, SQ9SIM has spotted my 6m 1W ERP weakly just once on WSPR at -29dB S/N.

UPDATE 1040z: Very strong spot from DK8NE (755km) just now of my 1W ERP on 6m. Looks like a good day for 6m Es.

UPDATE 1050z: G4ENZ (176km) in IO81vv being spotted quite well on 6m GDX. Doppler (2Hz) suggests aircraft reflection, at least on some transmissions?

UPDATE 1100z: 4X1RF (3519km) spotted my 6m 1W ERP at 1058z at a respectable -22dB S/N. Also, even more spots by German stations. This is a VERY good 6m day!

UPDATE 1230z:  Es from SQ9, DL, F, I and 4X1 so far plus GDX. A good day so far on 6m QRP.

UPDATE 1620z:  All quiet here this afternoon on 6m apart from 20+ spots from G4IKZ.  Still amazed at spots from Israel -  that is SOME distance on 6m, especially with 1W ERP from a small V2000 vertical.

UPDATE 1717z:  At 1648z a surprise +3dB S/N spot from CN8LI (2113km) in Morocco of my 1W ERP 6m WSPR signal.

UPDATE 1945z:   Quite a lot of spots now being exchanged with CN8LI (1830-1918z ish). 6m open in that direction.
6m unique spots today


xxx said...

Always a pleasure to decode your signals Roger! When there's no propagation I enjoy reading your blog :-) 73 Chris 4X1RF

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Chris. I really appreciate your spots on both 10m and 6m WSPR.

Tim said...

All very interesting - particularly the spots with Chris, 4X1RF. That path is fascinating on 50MHz - most usually multi-hop Es, or, I agree with you, Roger - an F2 hop.

I'm working from home tomorrow, so all things being equal, will put my 50MHz WSPR gear on.