27 May 2014

472kHz transverter

It is always very satisfying to see when someone has taken one of my designs and taken it on to the next stage. In the case of M1GEO, he has made a PCB for a design based on my transverter. It looks so much better than my original! Dead bug build style is fine for "one offs" mind you.

See http://www.george-smart.co.uk/wiki/472_kHz_Transverter

It is quite a while since I was last on 472kHz. I really should try loading up  the feeder to my 2m/70cm antenna to see how this performs.

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George, M1GEO said...

Thanks Roger. The design was part by G8OCV as well, so I can't take all of the credit ;-)

Hopefully catch you on 472kHz soon. Our antenna fell down during the recent high winds, and I need to get around to fixing my PA.

Glad to see you're on the mend...

Best wishes.
George, M1GEO.