29 May 2014

6m - May 29th

Later starting on 6m WSPR today - first transmission 1044z - although so far just G4IKZ (18km) spotting me at +9dB S/N, but I don't  think I've missed any Es. Es usually peaks lunchtime and teatime.

Sunspot count is lower than of late at 72 with 20-30MHz propagation forecast to be "normal" whatever than means. I suspect that 10m will not be great for F-layer DX today, although with luck both 6m and 10m will be livened with Es propagation. I am also looking for GDX on 6m.

UPDATE 1107z: G4FFC (45km) spotted at -10dB S/N, a very decent consistent signal, when running 2W. There is just the smallest hint of Doppler (aircraft reflection) so I think this signal is pure tropo.

UPDATE 1510z:  CN8LI (2113km) spotted my 1W ERP WSPR signal at 1328z for the first Es opening noted here today. 3 spots from him by 1428z.

UPDATE 2050z:  A couple of 6m WSPR spots of Italians around teatime, otherwise quiet Es, with just local G4IKZ for 3 hours.

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