2 Apr 2014

WSPR with new Win 8.1 PC

I had a surprise today: my Inspiron 15R does NOT have a touch sensitive screen after all. Dell assure me I did not order, or pay for such a screen  This is not an important feature.

The next surprise was a sort of malware program called "optimizer pro" which managed to install itself and wanted me to buy a subscription to reomve hundreds of errors. A free call to 0800 028 2660 ( the FREE Dell support number) soon had this removed and the PC fully checked remotely. WSPR, Spectran and Ccleaner all installed and worked without issues. Ccleaner is a recommended free download to do the same and a lot more. I run Ccleaner regularly to check PC health.

I tried WSPR on 20m and 10m and the software ran without issues under Win 8.1. A nice surprise with Win 8.1 was that the PC's clock is already sync'd to an internet time server so that timing was not an issue with WSPR. No need to install special software for this purposes.

As far as I can see, Win 8.1 seems to do all I need.

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