1 Apr 2014

Our bungalow from the top of the Burwell windmill next door

Our bungalow from up the windmill next door
In my present (wobbly balance) state of health because of my stroke , I cannot climb up the inside of the fully restored windmill (above) that is right next door to us.  This morning, our son managed a sneak preview and he took some photos of our bungalow from the very top floor of the mill.

You may see my V2000 vertical and 2m halo on the garage roof if you look at the blown up photo. You may JUST be able to see my HF Par end-fed wire too but you will need to look carefully at the full sized photo.

For the second time this year, a party of school children is visiting the museum, and windmill. The windmill has its official opening on Sunday April 13th.

See http://www.burwellmuseum.org.uk.btck.co.uk/StevensMill

The windmill, next to our bungalow, is the highest spot in the village. The church, about 400m away, is on the second highest ground.

A friend has suggested I string a 472kHz antenna up to the top of the windmill! Actually I don't need this - I prefer the view as it is.
Burwell Church from up the windmill

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