3 Apr 2014

10m WSPR with new PC

10m WSPRing again now, but with the new Win 8.1 Dell Inspiron 15R PC and 2W RF from the FT817. Immediate success this morning with reports from Russia and Japan in the very first transmission slot. All seems to be well with the new PC.

I am spotting lots of EU stations too as well as PY2WG (9562km) and it is not yet 0930z.

UPDATE 1300z: LZ1OI  is putting in a huge WSPR signal today and I am wondering if this is via Es rather than F layer? 

UPDATE 1350z: as well as transatlantic stations, there are more Europeans in the 10m log today.

1 comment:

G0FTD said...

I have an Ultimate 2 running 24/7
on 28Mhz. Most of the week has been

But this evening / today things seem
to be springing back into action
with LZ back to normal strength
and W stations too.

73 de Andy G0FTD