1 Apr 2014

AM and SSB available to UK CBers from July 1st 2014?

According to the Rocket Radio website, AM and SSB will be allowed for UK CB users (for the first time) from July 2014. There will no doubt be a spate of multi-mode rig sales before then. I have no data on frequencies yet. Rigs like the President Lincoln II are 28-29.7MHz only and it is NOT legal to modify these for CB coverage. I guess they will have to get OFCOM type approval for CB versions in the next few months?


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Roger, we can use SSB on CB already and a rig like the Albrecht AE-5890 does cover 40 channels 4W SSB and is legal. Probabely it gets a OFCOM approval as well. If all is not a Fool's day joke...73, Bas

Tim said...

The President Grant 2 is another one which will be legal (and looks a nice little rig).


Roger G3XBM said...

I am waiting for the 10m Lincoln II to drop in price ( for 10m use).