14 Apr 2014

10m - mixed fortunes

Today was an odd day on 10m WSPR - some good propagation N-S but very marginal indeed transatlantic.  The band did open up but hardly any transatlantic spots.

I think we are now moving towards summertime conditions and are gradually starting the slide down towards the next minimum. We will have a very long journey downwards and some days conditions will be excellent. On many days, the band will be closed. On some days propagation will be mainly N-S only.

With luck, Es will help to liven up the band in summertime. Just occasionally, mutli-hop Es will support transatlantic 10m and 6m propagation as well as propagation into the Middle East. Also, sometimes the first hop is Es then linking up with F layer propagation further to the south.  Even in the quiet years, 10m has surprises.

At 2142z NA4U (6533km) was spotting my 2W still. Surprise!

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