15 Apr 2014

481THz RX issue - now fixed

As mentioned in an earlier post, my sensitive non line-of-sight NLOS optical (red LED at about 481THz) RX packed up when I clumsily dropped it yesterday when out in the field at the test site. An investigation this morning revealed a wire had dropped off the battery feed and this was easily fixed. The  RX now works as before.
I shall have to try the NLOS test again when my wife can drive me out there. I shall have to do it soon as tree leaves will soon obscure the path at the home QTH end. Just wish I was not so clumsy still following the stroke last year. In the field I feel so much less able than last year. I feel really disabled and hate being so useless and clumsy.

UPDATE 2050z: for now, all my tests will be shack-based because of my poor health, so no immediate plans to repeat NLOS tests until I feel a lot less wobbly.

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