14 Apr 2014

Aborted 481THz NLOS test

I am beginning to think that ALL tests outside the house should stop until I am a lot better (stroke). The best description is I feel, all the time when on my feet, as if I have drunk 8 pints of beer and am very drunk and clumsy.

This evening, my wife drove me out to an NLOS test site where I managed to drop the RX head hard on the ground. The head immediately stopped working even before I started hunting for my signal! I could hear no hiss at all. There was no sign of the very visible moon noise in the RX.

The test would have been marginal anyway, especially with a bright full moon, but to be unable to carry out the test at all was a great shame.  It is just that everything is SO hard for me at present and setting up optical kit is stretching the limits of my current abilities. Feeling clumsy nearly all the time is tiring too.

Even getting my VHF/UHF beam up at home will require help. Andrew G6ALB has kindly offered to erect it for me. This should be an easy task for me - normally it would be - but not at present. At least, when erected, VHF and UHF activity should be straightforward at home in UKAC sessions on Tuesday evenings. Sitting down my balance is fine. I just hope this soon improves. Walking is getting better but balance/giddiness are still big issues.

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