29 Mar 2014

New UHF beacon GB3UHF

I am looking forward to this new GPS frequency locked 432.430MHz beacon GB3UHF near Wrotham Kent (IO91) becoming active. It is to be co-sited with GB3VHF. It is at an interesting distance and should be copyable on my 2m halo, even though I shall be slightly off the main beam. Approved by OFCOM, it is now awaiting a site sharing agreement that could take some while. It is NOT yet on-air as far as I know. There is a real shortage of UHF beacons in the UK. GB3BSL (Bristol 432.934MHz)  is off air I believe.

The new beacon's frequency will be 432.430MHz to a pair of 3 el J-Beam yagis beaming roughly towards the Midlands (288 and 348 degrees headings). Being 3 el beams, the aim is quite broad.

See http://www.gb3vhf.co.uk/GB3UHFdetails.html

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