30 Mar 2014

PCs playing up

Both my PCs are playing up today.

Firstly, the Dell Inspiron 630m, XP OS, is getting very tired and refuses to boot up today.  Several keys are broken and sadly XP will shortly no longer be a supported OS.

Secondly my little Asus,Netbook with Win 7 Home OS, not used for several months, is taking forever to start, even on mains power. It may have to be returned. When new it was fine for portable, in-field, use with Spectran software, as long as ready-boost was used.

Now finally it is time to invest in a new PC for home use , so I am buying an i5 Inspiron 15R touch screen 1GB hard-drive, laptop, with 3 yrs hardware and software support. It should serve me well. We'll see.

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Steve W said...

Beware! Will all your software and devices be supported by the newer version of Windows, as 8 is 64Bit! Devices and drivers could be a problem Roger?

I moved from XP to Win 7 but bought a 32Bit copy, that seems to like everything I have attached and used before with XP and older versions of ham software I run..

I see no problem still with XP and Ham software, the problem comes if you need to use the PC on the Net thats where the gremlins could take over?

73 G1KQH