29 Mar 2014

Back on 474.2kHz WSPR

Today I have returned to MF WSPRing., The antenna is currently my very short Marconi which consists of a very short vertical wire (1.5 to 2m?) with about 15m of wire run horizontally along the top of fence and trellis. This is a shorter (horizontal) distance than an earlier version that did not work well, probably because of foliage losses. The whole antenna uses the mains earth.

Matching is via a 110mm diameter loading coil and a 3C90 toroid to step up from 50ohms to several hundred ohms resistive.
So far PA3ABK/2 is a good consistently strong daytime signal at -10dB S/N with 0.5W ERP. There are very few G stations active, so no reports of my own signal yet.

UPDATE 2005z:  Only 2 stations copied (PA and DF) and just 3 reports from a single station PA3ABK/2.   Very disappointing so far. There is a lack of G stations active on WSPR this evening so far.

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