28 Mar 2014

10m TEP?

PY2RN is putting in a COLOSSAL +9dB S/N signal on 10m WSPR at 1854z with 5W and I just wonder if this is perhaps TEP assisted? Chordal hop across the equator could account for the very low attenuation. Just a thought.

UPDATE 2206z:  WA6JRW in DM14he in California (8664km) was reporting my 2W WSPR at 2024z. The band is still open transatlantic here at this QTH at 2152z. W8QYT (5W 5807km) was a good +4dB S/N here at 2144z and he was spotting my 2W at -5dB S/N at 2138z.   I am still getting transatlantic spots at 2W as late as (at least) 2200z (4 transatlantic spots from the 2W 2200z TX burst).

One thing I have noticed  is signals on long 10m DX paths are often strongest just before the band dies out. This is often the most productive time with QRP power levels.

I stopped monitoring on the WSPR.net database at 2208z.


Graham said...

Hi Roger,

10m has been pretty good of late. I have a QRSS grabber on 10m and today there were a number of trans oceanic signals noted. Here is an example;

main page for my grabber here:

keep in mind, these transmissions are typically 200mW or so.

signals finally faded away just after 22:00 UTC.

cheers, Graham

Graham said...

I will try the urls again:

main grabber http://users.aei.ca/~planophore/~grabber/

example of 10m:


cheers, Graham

Roger G3XBM said...

Hi Graham, yes 10m has been excellent.5mW is enough to reach Bulgaria and Israel and 100mW to the USA. Still suspicious why NS signals can be so strong. TEP definitely present on 6m this week.