28 Mar 2014

QSY to 10m

After a few days on 40m, I have QSYed back to 2W on 10m WSPR. 4X1RF is already spotting me  but no signals at any real distance are yet being copied apart from EX1UN  in central Asia.  Sunspot count is pretty good, so I expect some decent DX during the day. No JAs yet copied, which is a little odd.

UPDATE 1052z:  Just seen PY2RN in my log at 1038z at 9950km running 5W and I've just been spotted at 1050z by JH3APN at 9419 km.

UPDATE 1138z:  1118z saw my first stateside report, from WA3QJU at 5695km. At 1138z CX2ABP was copied at 11127km.

UPDATE 1610z: Very pleased to see my old work colleague G3WKW in the 10m WSPR log. 134km GDX path and copied 7 times between 1610z and 1806z.

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