17 Feb 2014

More 474.2kHz WSPR success

Overnight my transmissions with the 15m baseline earth-electrode antenna continued. A couple of  reports from Holland were added to the list of spots bringing the total UNIQUE station reports to eight. The only change has been to resonate the loop with a small series inductor. This increased the loop current by about 20%.  Next to try will be to see if the 50 ohm match can be bettered with a small auto-transformer. I suspect not, but we'll see.
UNIQUE reports received on 15m baseline earth-electrode antenna on 474.2kHz WSPR


Tony said...

Hi Roger

Very good results you seem to be getting some good coverage with your new setup. I would love to get into doing some WSPR experiments. I am thinking of getting the ultimate QRSS kit and trying some QRSS on 470KHz and WSPR on the other bands.


Roger G3XBM said...

I am buying an Ultimate 3 kit with GPS to use in 10m Tony. May well increase power to 1-2W as success rate better at that power, but have been copied OK in the USA with 100mW only.Ultimate 3 puts out 130mW typically at 10m. 474.2kHZ WSPR is great fun.