16 Feb 2014

Easily tired - stroke

One effect of my recent stroke is I get exhausted very quickly.

Sitting on the PC is OK, apart from having to correct all my typos,but anything involving physical work, or talking, rapidly tires me. As an example, today is a beautiful sunny day (8-10deg C),  so a good chance to prune some roses in the garden, except that after doing a couple I was exhausted and just had to rest! This is not the real me at all!

Even talking on our local 2m net on Monday's tires me: it is speaking that tires me the most. At least with WSPR, once set up, operating does not tire me. It runs itself and all I have to do is check all is OK and observe results on WSPRnet.

The other day I wound a 400uH coil,with taps, on a 110mm drainpipe for 472kHz ,but the effort needed was so tiring. At the moment, major build projects are out of the question until my strength and stamina return.

I do so want to get better and be back to my normal healthy self.

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