19 Feb 2014

20 unique spots with15m baseline earth-electrodes on 474.2kHz WSPR

Since improving the match on the 15m baseline earth-electrode "antenna" on 474.2kHz WSPR, the number of UNIQUE spots of my transmissions has jumped to 20 from 9.  No further DX (yet) but my signals that were once below the noise threshold for some are now above it, so copyable. Signals are about 3-4dB stronger  generally.
UNIQUE WSPR SPOTS of my 474.2kHz signal using 15m earth-electrodes
So far,  I have been seen in 5 different European countries. Best DX remains DL-SWL at 701km. I expect the number of spots of my signal to increase further in the coming days. The earth-electrode "antenna" is now performing credibly now well matched.

I am beginning to wonder how the system will perform on 160m and 80m, and even 2200m  (137kHz).

Never let it be said you have no antenna for 474.2kHz - I think I have PROVED that a most basic system works!  As long as above -30dB S/N your signal should be copied, although you may have to be patient. The results above were mostly one evening only.

One of the advantages of the longer baseline earth-electrode "antenna" will be its new direction. It will be almost 90 degrees around from the current antenna so quite a different polar pattern.

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