19 Feb 2014

First Ultimate 3 kit package arrives

Yesterday, the first of my 2 orders from Hans Summers arrived from Japan.  I'll wait until they both come before opening and, depending on my health, may wait a while before building. I am still pretty clumsy, so it may be advisable to wait a while.

The kit, with GPS timing, is good value for money. It came well packed in a small cardboard box as you can see.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger

Thinking building this my self how much is the total kit with the GPS module.

Tony G4 LLW

Anonymous said...


Please forgive the typos


Roger G3XBM said...

No worries over typos Tony. I am dreadful first time I type.

With postage from Japan the TOTAL Ultimate 3 kit, with GPS, is about £37 I think, maybe a little less. Excellent value. Hope to build once I am less clumsy. 73s Roger G3XBM

Rupert N2OTO Lubkemeier said...

Hi Roger:

Has the thought of using this kit as an I.F. for some vhf/uhf upconverters crossed your mind?

I enjoy your blog, 73.

Roger G3XBM said...

Rupert, the kit can be used with other RF sources, not just its own TX.NO not considered anything other than 10m use currently.

g4fre said...

Just finished building mine, It was well worth the wait. Much better performance than the previous iterations