20 Jan 2014

Magic (well nearly) on 40m

This evening on 40m I returned to 2W out WSPR to my low Par 10/20/40 antenna. Initially the reports were from G4IKZ who is 18km west of me and they were not brilliant.  I was about to go QRT when my very next reports were from Western Australia (VK6XT) at 14719km and Tasmania, Australia (VK7BO) at 17244km.

Such is the MAGIC of HF propagation. With my low antennas I think 2W is a sensible WSPR RF power level. I have already proved that as low as 5mW gets some reports even with my antenna, but 2W is the level I really need to check propagation. It may well be much lower power if your 40m antenna is half decent.

Overnight there were plenty of stateside reports too. 40m is a good " all round the clock" WSPR band.

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TiƩgui said...

Hello Roger,
some years ago from the University of Bordeaux at F6KQH I was able to send 500 mW MFSK signals on 20 m to W8ERN.
I was using a 3 elements Log-periodic and Angelo was with a stepIR.

73 from Thierry.