20 Jan 2014

QRPp WSPR and small antennas

One thing the last few days of 5mW WSPR beaconing has taught me is others must be using better antennas than me.

At 5mW I am really struggling, whereas, for some, DX reports still flow in at this very low power level. All my antennas are low and compromised which is why 1-2W is a more sensible level for me. I suspect my ERP is lower than other QRPp stations when I use 5mW RF. Nonetheless, it was an experiment well worth doing.

In the end, 4X1RF at 3519km was my only report with 5mW on 10m.  I had no luck with transatlantic reports despite myself copying plenty of US and Canadian stations yet again,even with a 20dB attenuator in circuit.

From tomorrow I propose to run 100mW RF on 10m being much the same as the unmodified Ultimate 3 kit, although I intend to run 1-2W on my final version.

UPDATE 1700z:  10m closed transatlantic at 1700z.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, we had same thoughts I was on 10m today as well. Used 50mW as that is the lowest I can measure. It would be interesng to use 5mW as well but the problem with a attenuator is that is blocks receiving as well. Besides that I like to measure that 5mW with a power meter. My 50mW did arrive across the pond. I use my 80m horizontal loop today. 73, Bas