21 Jan 2014

10m 100mW WSPR

Today I WSPRed on 10m with 100mW RF, which is a little below the output of the unmodified Ultimate 3 WSPR beacon kit. Plenty of European and near east spots (best 4X1RF 3519km) received this morning, and transatlantic propagation after lunch. First transatlantic 100mW report at 1312z was from VE3SWS 5532km away to the north of the Great Lakes and the next from KZ8C 6290k away at 1334z and ND6M at  6914km.  Best DX report with 100mW was WA5NGP at 7878km. 100mW is obviously enough to lift me above the noise floor for several stations both sides of the Atlantic, unlike with 5mW. Reports from 4 continents today with 100mW.
10m 100mW spots received today
My last transatlantic  reception was VE3SWS at 1812z (way after dark), but the last report of my 100mW signal was at 1522z. Sunspot number 131-136 today.

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