21 Jan 2014

Elecraft T1 ATU gone intermittent

After 8 years of good service (kit bought 2005), my Elecraft T1 auto ATU seems to be playing up and it does not want to match SWRs of around 2:1 on 40m and on other bands. I have had this issue (not tuning) before, so will have to take it apart to see what is amiss. I am going to buy another one (or a Z817 from LDG) anyway. Means I cannot pull  my slightly off-tune Par 10/20/40 antenna in on 40m. Antenna is cut too long and because of my poor health/stroke I cannot climb a ladder to adjust it.. When the ATU works it is very good indeed. Battery lasts 12 months or more and the ATU is very small - pack of playing cards in size. Ideal for the FT817 and good for up to 20W.

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