11 Jul 2013

Weather boots for coax plugs?

I'm looking for what I believe are called "weather boots" to slide over the end of PL259 and BNC coax plugs to help protect them up the mast from water ingress. I guess it is still necessary to add a smear of silicone grease. There are such items for Sky dish F connectors (see eBay item 251296277220) but I have not yet found a source for the common 50 ohm plugs.

Anyone know where such rubber/PVC boots can be obtained please?


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

Mouser Electronics sell a variety of cable boots and self adhesive heat shrink that might work see


I have seen both methods used to seal cable outdoors with varying degrees of success but in my experience self-amalgamating tape with a covering of PVC tape seems to be the most successful.


Kevin G6UCY

Anonymous said...

BNC and F-type boots are dime a dozen. PL-259 boots are a lot harder to find.

I've never tried these, but I've seen some say they work good. Boot and connector together for two-bucks. One version for RG58 type cable, another for RG8 type.


This tape is weather proof and since it doesn't conform over time, it comes off easily if you want to change/test your antenna or feed.

Google: "Scotch Super 33+"

Rgds, David WB4ONA