12 Jul 2013

IC-7100 UK launch July 17th at Martin Lynch

A few hours after I commented on the price in the US of the IC-7100, I had an email from Martin Lynch and Sons announcing the UK launch on July 17th.

There is still no information that I've seen that gives the likely UK price although I doubt one will be in my new shack.

The IC-7100 is bound to cause a lot of excitement as it is one of the first commercial multi-modes to include 4m (70MHz). The press release seems to indicate that D-star will be supported in the standard product i.e. my understanding is this is NOT an optional add-on, but you get it with the basic product you buy.

The pdf leaflet on the IC-7100 is now available.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger - Sorry its not on topic,
but where are you getting your crystals from nowadays?


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful RJ45 microphone connector !

And a very cheap resistive touch
screen display, no doubt made in China.

For that reason alone
I won't buy one on principle.

Another non innovative product from
Icom who seem to have lost the plot
over 20 years ago.

Roger G3XBM said...

Not sure about the RJ45 being an issue, but agree the touch screen looks a bit cheap and nasty: reminds me of my Garmin GPS unit that needs about 3 attempts to hit the right letters. Maybe it will be OK, so too early to judge. My IC703 was a very good radio (until the PA failed) as was my IC706 before that, so Icom are able to do some nice radios.

Roger G3XBM said...

Tony (OT about crystals) - it is some while since I last bought any but the GQRP club sales have many of the commonly needed frequencies in stock at reasonable prices. Quartslab Crystals http://www.quartslab.com/ are worth trying for odd ball ones, but they are not low cost.

Anonymous said...

Hello Roger,

said transceiver sells for €1575 in Greece. Check this site


I follow your weblog and enjoy your posts. Tried to post a comment, but I could not. I believe it 's because my computer is set not to accept cookies.

73 from Athens,

Apostolos, SV1WA

Anonymous said...

"Not sure about the RJ45 being an issue"

It is when it breaks after a few insertions and ICOM want £45+ for a
new one.

For those of us with poor eyesight
these days I'd much rather have a good old fashioned 8 pin plug.

Anonymous said...

£1249.99 RRP according to ICOM UK