11 Jul 2013

2m big wheel antennas on 70cms?

Just wondering if anyone has checked what a horizontally polarised 2m big-wheel antenna looks like (gain, match, directivity, polarisation) on 70cms?

At the new QTH, the most likely antenna on the apex of the bungalow will be a 2m big-wheel (for 2m datamodes, SSB, CW) with a V2000 fitted above it (for 6m Es, 2m and 70cm FM) with suitable spacing between them (>1.3m). It would be useful if the big-wheel behaved well as a half decent horizontal omni on 70cms too so it could be used in UKAC contests.

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Steve Bunting said...

Wonder if you have considered a homebrew version of the big wheel made by cebik?


cheaper than the wimo version....