21 Dec 2012

Selling my Elecraft K1

For some years I've had the Elecraft K1 transceiver that I made. It covers 40, 30, 20 and 15m with a built-in auto ATU.  This is a nice little CW radio, but I rarely use it, preferring to use home designed kit on MF and 10m these days. It has always been used at home and is in as-new condition.

This afternoon I fired it up, using the coax feeder to my 10m halo as a vertical and tuned this against my central heating ground using the internal ATU. It is a far from optimum antenna and suffers from QRM from my central heating controller's SMPSU right next to the feeder on RX.
RBN spots with my K1 today (intermittent operation)
Conditions were not great but several reports were seen on the Reverse Beacon Network (see above) and half a dozen QSOs are in the logbook on 7MHz and 10MHz (in DL, I, EI and LX) in not a lot of actual operating time: we had neighbours around for Christmas nibbles and drinks most of the day!

I really ought to think about selling the K1 as I don't use it enough to justify keeping it.  Ahead of my move next year I should be doing more de-cluttering as well, HI.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
I am interested in buying your K1 if you decide to sell it.
73 de Martin, DL8MAR