22 Dec 2012

Countries worked this year

There is no way I would call myself a DX chaser at all, preferring to build simple kit and use it to experiment rather than "countries chase" as such. Nonetheless, I thought I'd look back through my logs to see how many countries I'd actually worked on each band during 2012 with my 5W or less QRP.  It is quite surprising to see how many countries I did NOT work and also how few QSOs I had on some of my less favourite bands. At the present time it looks like I worked 46 different DXCC countries with 1-5W SSB/CW. Most QSOs were SSB. By far the most countries were worked on 10m. This season I did not do my usual sport of seeing how many countries I could work on 6m and ended up only working 6 countries this year! Some years I'd worked almost 50. Notice also how few countries I've worked on 160m - 12m: hardly any!

Not included in this list are all the WSPR spots I have received and given around the planet. There are several stations/countries with which WSPR spots have been exchanged that have not been worked in 2-way QSOs.

There is no doubt in my mind that had I concentrated on DXCC with 5W it would have been possible to work well over 100 entities this year even with my very compromised antenna system and 5W or less. Maybe one year I'll give DX working a real blast just to see what I can work, but really I prefer to leave this to others in the main and enjoy other aspects of our wonderful hobby.

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